Rafmögnuð Náttúra © 2012

"Rafmögnuð Náttúra" is a temporary and site-specific light installation that animates the facade of Hallgrímskirkja church with a 3d video mapping projection inspired by the natural conditions of Iceland and the church’s unique architecture. The aim is to transform the static condition of this iconic landmark into a dynamic, engaging and interactive visual experience, and to intervene by socially activating its surrounding public space.

"Rafmögnuð Náttúra" was conceived, directed and curated by architect Marcos Zotes / UNSTABLE and created by Marcos Zotes in collaboration with Andrea Dart, Chris Jordan, Coco Karol, Thessia Machado, Azmi Mert Erdem, Raghul Sridharan, Steven Tsai and Noa Younse.

Marcos Zotes "Rafmögnuð Náttúra" (Photo by Ragnar Th Sigurðsson)

Built with Indexhibit